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Name:daydreamer's fanfiction
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Community description:daydreamer's writing comm: fanfiction, gen, het, femslash, slash
This is [personal profile] daydreamer's fanfiction comm :)

Please note, that I will be slowly posting my fanfics past and present.

You cannot join my writing comm, however, you may watch it =)

It should be noted that not all of my fandoms/pairings have been listed and that I drabble in various tv shows, movies and pairings.

I tend to drabble in numberous fandoms and plans on drabbing in movies and some of the classic movies and tv :)

At [community profile] oh_my_stars you will find everything from gen, het, slash, femslash to threesomes and moresomes. Fanfics are all rated from G to NC-17.

Layout thanks to [personal profile] boo =)

Interests (128):

90210, adama/roslin, aiden burn, aiden ford, aiden/stella, angst, annie/liam, battlestar galactica, beverly hills 90210, bewitched, brenda/kelly, brooke davis, brooke/lucas, brooke/peyton, bsg, carson beckett, catherine willows, catherine/grissom, catherine/sofia, challenges, character study, charlie's angels, charmed, cj/toby, classic movies, cold case, cole turner, cole/phoebe, cole/prue, csi, csi: new york, csi: ny, danny/lindsay, dead like me, deb/karen, disney, doctor who, don flack jr, drabble challenges, drabbles, drop dead diva, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/john, elizabeth/kate, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, femmeslash, femslash, fic challenges, ficlets, flack/stella, fluff, friendship, gen, greg sanders, greg/sara, hanna/caleb, het, jack/daniel, jill munroe, jill/kelly, jill/sabrina, john sheppard, john stillman, john/elizabeth, john/rodney, john/teyla, kat miller, kat/lilly, kate heightmeyer, kris munroe, laura/bill, lilly rush, lilly/kat, mac taylor, mac/peyton, mac/stella, martha jones, martha/donna, mckay/sheppard, mitchell/teal'c, naomi/max, nathan/haley, nick vera, one tree hill, phoebe halliwell, phoebe/cole, phoebe/prue, piper halliwell, pll, pretty little liars, prue halliwell, prue/andy, prue/cole, prue/phoebe, rare fandoms, rare pairings, rodney mckay, ronon dex, ronon/kavanagh, sam/cam, saul/ellen, schmoop, scotty valens, sga, sheppard/mckay/beckett, sheppard/weir, slash, small fandoms, sofia curtis, sofia/catherine, spencer/toby, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stella bonasera, teyla emmagan, teyla/elizabeth, teyla/kate, the practice, the unit, the west wing, third watch, tv, unrequited, wendy simms, will jeffries, writing
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